Remote Learning Tech Help

Tech Tips for Remote Learning

For any issue, always try BOTH of the following FIRST:

1. Logout and then log back in. 2. Check to ensure that you do not have pop-up blockers on.

3. Turn the device off and then back on again.

Google Search

Have you tried Google? You can search for exact error messages or keywords regarding your problem.

Frequent Problems

As we move through this new remote learning experience, we are sure to encounter a variety of issues. As those issues arise, I will do be doing my best to provide remote support to both families and teachers. On this page, I will also be posting some of the more common issues, along with what you can try on your end. Please know that some support will need to come from your personal Internet provider, a software company, or the school district. I will do my best! You can reach out to me by clicking on the "Contact Me" link to the left.


Click on the issue with which you need support.

I can’t get logged into my account.


I’m receiving a “Device not Compatible” message. I am having issues with my iPad - sound, crashing apps, etc. I am on a Chromebook and my Google Apps are being blocked and/or not working properly.

I’ve tried everything and I need more support.




I can’t get logged into my account. For everything Google:
  1. Use the correct email extension. (Student accounts are slightly different than staff’s.) They have to use:
  2. Usernames - the standard pattern is last name, first initial, middle initial. Usernames are based on registration information. There are some special situations that might make your child’s username a little more unique and not follow this policy: -Your child may have a middle name, but it wasn't written down on registration paperwork. -Students have multiple or hypendated last names. -Students may have a number associated with their username because another student already had their "standard" username.
  3. Account passwords are DcsdID# The letters are case sensitive and their student ID number is also known as their lunch number.
For everything else:
  1. When possible, teachers have set-up student’s accounts with the same username and password convention as above.
  2. One important thing to remember is that some accounts ask for ONLY a USERNAME and not a full email address. In this case, the portion must be removed.
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I’m receiving a “Device not Compatible” message.

It’s all about the Operating System (OS) - what is it and is it updated? Devices reach a certain point where they can no longer be updated. At the same time, companies continuously make their products better, meaning they are running on a newer OS and support falls off for the older versions.


So...what can be done?

  1. First, check what OS you are currently running on the device.
  2. If an update is needed...update! Make sure you completely restart the device if it doesn't do it on it's own.
  3. Try running the site/program again. If it works, awesome! If it doesn’t, try the next steps.
  4. Head to the Internet and find the company website for the product you are having trouble with.
  5. Within their site, look for SUPPORT, specifically TECHNICAL SUPPORT.
  6. Most of these companies will have a section that outlines the “Technical Requirements” for their products. Search within here to see what devices and/or operating systems are required.
  7. You can also contact the company. Each is different, but most provide phone, email and sometimes chat.

I’ve started a collection of frequently used products below.



-Support Page URL:

-PDF for System Requirements:

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I am having issues with my iPad - sound, crashing apps, etc.

There are times that an iPad might be having issues with sound, apps crashing, etc. These can often be fixed by doing a hard restart.

1. Turn the iPad on.

2. Press and hold the home button and power button at the same time.

3. Continue to hold these two buttons until the screen goes black AND the Apple icon appears. (This may take up to 10 seconds.)

4. The iPad will restart on its own. Issues with Apps There are some apps that are making updates and upgrades nearly everyday. Make sure that you have the most recent version of the app that you having issues with.

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I am on a Chromebook and my Google Apps are being blocked and/or not working properly.


1. Please have the student sign out of the Chromebook. The screen should show iReady and the student login icon.

2. Sign into the internet.

3. The Chromebook should be able to receive the update it needs to work on your network.



There’s a chance that students might run into issues because of their Chromebook needing an update. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Please have the student sign into the Chromebook.

2. Look at the bottom-right corner by the wifi signal and clock. If there are any notifications, you will see a number inside of a circle.

3. Click on that number and if there is an update available, you will see it there. Click and install. MESSAGE SAYS MY PASSWORD IS INCORRECT While on your Chromebook, if you receive a message stating that your password is incorrect and you haven't changed it, try the following: 1. Delete yourself from the machine. 2. Click on the icon to add someone and "re-add" yourself as a new user.

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I’ve tried everything and I need more support.

As we are working in this new remote learning environment, there are sure to be some issues that require additional support. If you have borrowed a device directly from the school district (this means your student did NOT bring home their CSE device), you will need to contact the district via this email: For those of you with a CSE device, you can reach out to your classroom teacher or Mrs. Jensen (Innovation Lab teacher).

The following is helpful information to have ready when reaching out to either the school district or CSE staff:

1. Student's name

2. Username

3. ID number

4. As many details as possible regarding the problem: device being used, error message, things they've already tried. Screen photos are often helpful.