Mrs. Dome - Music

Mrs. Dome

Welcome to Music!
I am your students general music, choir,  jr. choir teacher, as well as the musical director.  Since I was a young child, I have shared my passion of music with everyone I know.  I am proud to come from a very musical family and have their love and support in my journey of teaching my passion to your students. 
"Music is the universal language!"
Come and share this journey with me.

Clear Sky Singers:
4th - 6th grade
Meets Tues./Thurs. at 7:55am

Interesting facts:
How is Mrs. Dome connected to the first executive director of country music?
*My great aunt was the first executive director of country music and the first to get me interested in Rock N Roll. 
Her name was Jo Walker Meador.

Which family member of Mrs. Dome was the first to play the original organ at the New York Yankee's games?
*My grandmother was the original organ player for the New York Yankee's.  She would play the National Anthem, Take Me Out To The Ball Game, as well as other songs requested from the team.