Typing Pal

Here are the directions for students to log into Typing Pal.

Students in grades 2-6 were introduced to our keyboarding program, Typing Pal. This program is different than the program most students used last year which was Type to Learn. The great thing about Typing Pal is that students can practice their keyboarding skills from any computer with Internet access.

Once students reach the Typing Pal web site, they will need to click on the orange "Typing Pal School Login" button. They will then need to enter the "Institution Code" of DCSDCSMS. This will take them to the log in page where they need to use their unique username (last name, first name initial, middle name initial - with NO spaces or other characters - some students may have a one after this combination of letters) and password (lunch account number). There were some younger students who added Dcsd for their passwords - before their lunch number. For example: Dcsd12345. Once logged in, students can work through the exercises or complete practice texts.

Students are encouraged to practice their keyboarding at home and/or in the classroom when time is available.