Positive Behavior Intervention and Support(PBIS)

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Positive Behavior Intervention and Support
Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) is a program supported by the U.S. Department of Education, Colorado Department of Education and Douglas County Schools to promote and maximize prosocial behavior and academic achievement. It is a school-wide program that uses positively stated behavior expectations, interventions and reinforcements. PBIS operates under the idea the prosocial behaviors are a skill set that should be taught, similar to academic skill sets.  We know that when good behavior and good teaching come together, our students will excel in their learning.  PBIS challenges our traditional punitive disciplinary system in schools by rewarding prosocial behaviors and working to improve and enhance overall school climate. In this respect, PBIS contributes greatly toward bully prevention in schools, increases connectedness and community, and reduces incidents of school violence. This also contributes to efficiency and effectiveness within schools, which results in stronger academic performance.

Spreading Kindness
At Clear Sky, students and staff focus on spreading acts of kindness through “kindness campaigns”. This includes projects implemented by students such as kindness cards for every student, bully prevention messages around the school, and a messaging campaign using sidewalk chalk around campus. In classrooms, students often spread kindness by recognizing BISON strong behavior peer-to-peer. For example, a 4th grade classroom engages in “Compliment Fridays” in which they sit in a circle and compliment the students sitting next to them on their character and positive personality traits as opposed to their appearance or possessions.

Through clubs such as “Friends for Change” and “Student Council” projects geared to spreading kindness are created by students for students. This includes a Buddy Bench on our playground, kindness challenges for classrooms, and skits/videos for our PBIS assemblies. Watch the Buddy Bench Video!


The BISON Matrix
Our BISON strong matrix was created with the opening of the school.  Each letter of the word BISON correlates to a behavior trait we expect at Clear Sky...
B - Be Respectful,
I - Integrity,
S - Safe,
O - Own It
N - Never Give Up.
All teachers and staff can address behaviors  and how they fit into these ideals. We offer rewards for exhibiting these behaviors such as stickers or Bison Bravos. Along with rewards, we also use the common language of being BISON strong, to indicate students are demonstrating positive behavior traits.

Below you will find all of the various forms and documents that are associated with PBS at Clear Sky. All downloads are in a PDF format.

PBIS Bison Matrix

PBIS Bison Matricx
You can download the PBIS Bison Matrix by clicking on the image to the left, or the link below. Learn about the expectations for students throughout the CSE building.

BISON Migration
Twice a year our classes, together with teachers and educational assistants,  walk through the building  to review our school expectations. We refer to this review of school behavior expectations as our “Bison Migration”. Teachers, students and our Educational Assistants go on “migration” together so everyone is clear on what is expected and  we are consistent with expectations across the building.  Together, we review rules in the Bistro, the playground, the hallways, and all the shared areas of our school so we can work together to create the best learning environment for our students.

BISON Strong Rewards and Assemblies
When we catch students being BISON strong we reward the good behaviors we want to see with stickers  and Bison Bravos. Primary students collect individual stickers and can trade in a completed sticker chart for a reward. In the upper grades students collect stickers as a class to earn class rewards. Students can also earn Bison Bravos to trade in for rewards.

Once a quarter, about 4 times a year we hold PBIS assemblies to celebrate our Strong Bison for being Bison Strong. We do our best to inform parents and invite them to our in school assemblies and we recognize and reward our student for exhibiting BISON strong behavior.

Restorative Approaches   
PBIS supports a restorative approach to discipline and reducing harmful behaviors. The purpose of restorative practices are to repair harm and restore relationships. School staff uses the restorative approach to handle a variety of conflicts. A restorative approach encourages students to reflect on what happened, what the student(s) were hoping would happen, who has been affected and what should be done to repair the damage.
When we take the time to speak to students we always learn more about the issues students are struggling with. This is also an opportunity for students to stop and think about their behaviors before moving on. Sometimes we see students repeatedly for the restorative questions, but the research tells us it is more effective that simply handing out a consequence.

Reflection Sheets - A reflection sheet is given to student for either repeated offenses or serious offenses. We know that stopping and writing about what happened will help students think and process about the impact of their choices and create a plan for avoiding the offense the next time. When a reflection sheet comes home we hope you will talk with your student about what happened and how we can all work together to make our school and community a safe and happy place. This also serves a communication tool to reach out to families.

Community Circles - Many classes spend time each day on a community building circle. Classes or small groups begin in a circle and answer a simple question such as : Do you prefer red grapes or green grapes? We ask everyone to answer the question and participate. Many times we share personal  news and celebrations if someone is going on a special trip or if a new baby is born into a family.  By coming together and learning about each other we create opportunities for students to find what they have in common with each other. The community building circle is a great bridge to a restorative circle that we use to repair when relationships have been strained.

How Can Parents Support PBIS at Clear Sky?
Parents can help support a positive climate and culture at Clear Sky by talking to their kids about the Bison matrix and behavioral expectations. They can encourage their students to problem-solve conflicts with peers with the intention of mutually repairing the damage and reaching out to teachers for support in this process. Parents can help to model the Bison behavior expectations in everyday life at home and in the community. Parents may also ask their students about things they did well during their day and provide positive reinforcement. Remember that positive reinforcement is simple as a high-five, words of praise and a smile for your kiddo. Letting them know that their positive behavior makes you feel proud of them goes farther than tangible and expensive rewards when building positive character and intrinsic motivation. Please see the attached document for more information on how families can become involved with PBIS.