School Counselor

                                          Clear Sky Elementary School Counseling

Our mission is to provide a comprehensive counseling program which addresses the academic, career, and personal development of each student. Our goal is to ensure all students are challenged and supported towards achieving success as they develop intellectually, creatively, socially and emotionally. 

Services Provided:

  • Individual brief solution focused consultation for academic, career or personal/social needs
  • Small group counseling
  • Second Step Social Emotional Learning Program to introduce and teach academic, career and personal/social issues
  • Crisis Services for students with immediate concerns
  • Consultations with parents/guardians on issues and concerns involving their children with possible outside referrals for various services
  • Collaborating with teachers, mental health providers, parents, and students in formulating and implementing interventions for various situations. 


The information which students share is confidential and will not be discussed with others with the following exceptions or limits:

  • Child neglect or abuse  
  • Danger to self or others  
  • Emergency situations
  • A student reveals any potentially life-threatening circumstance, such as criminal exploitation or substance abuse.