Orientation Week 2020

Orientation Week 2020
Posted on 08/16/2020

We are so excited to have our kiddos back at school!  As you know we are starting with an orientation week.  You have received an e-mail from your teacher with information about how to sign up for your orientation day.  As many of you know we have a tradition at Clear Sky of clapping our students in for the first day of school.  I am excited to say we are going to continue this tradition with a mini-clap in on each of our orientation days! Below is the schedule for the start of the day.

  • 9:00- Families arrive on their scheduled orientation day and meet their teachers on the field - First grade classes will be closest to the school and Sixth grade classes will be on the south side.  Once you find your teacher please stand near one of the cones so we can assure that all families are 6 feet apart. Masks are required for all family members!!

  • 9:10- Welcome/ Pledge of Allegiance

  • 9:15- School bell will ring - Parents please move to one of our socially distanced    colored cones that are along the sidewalk. (1 family per cone please)

    • As soon as parents are along the path, we will start by welcoming our 6th graders and the other grade levels will follow.  

  • 9:25- School day begins and parents are free to take a deep breath and know that your students are in good hands!

Kindergarten Families: Please join us in front of the school, outside of the kindie classrooms. Mrs. Hanson’s class will meet at the flagpole. Our kindies will enter the building before the older students, as it can be overwhelming to participate in the clap in.  

Don’t forget to bring your school supplies the morning of orientation!