Remote Learning Activities



CSE Families,

There are some amazing resources that I wanted to share with you as Optional Learning Opportunities. Most of the resources are online/digital activities, but I have also included some fun, offline STEAM activities as well. I understand that multiple students might be sharing just one device or you may have limited Internet capabilities. This is why I have provided them as an additional option to the daily learning opportunities. I didn’t want to make you, your student, or your computer feel overwhelmed with a large number of digital and/or online activities. :) I have divided these resources into three sections. 1. The first section focuses on resources that we have used in the Innovation Lab. 2. The second provides some fun online resources that I have been gathering from fellow educators. 3. The final section contains hands-on, STEAM resources that I have also been collecting.

If you have the ability to stream, cast, or connect your device to a television, many of the digital activities lend themselves well to participating together as a family. This is a great opportunity for your student to share everything we’ve been working on in the lab when it comes to computer science, coding, and other activities.

I hope to add to this list as we continue together on our remote learning journey. If you come across some favorites, be sure to let me know!




BitsBox - The resources from our awesome friends at BitsBox has to stay private, so please visit the link to these Optional Online & STEAM activities that are being provided to you daily by your classroom teacher.

BreakoutEDU - We have completed and even created digital breakouts in the Innovation Lab. (These are like online escape rooms.) The company has put together a great collection of free K-12 breakouts that you could even do as a family! STUDENTS: If you need the login information to try the ones from class, please let me know! If your family is interested in creating your very own Virtual Breakout, please let me know and I will email you the necessary login and links to planning pages.

Rube Goldberg Bar of Soap Video Challenge - Our 4th grade students are currently participating in a Rube Goldberg Unit. They have been working in teams to design and build their own “Rube Goldberg Inspired Machines.” The Bar of Soap Challenge is a FREE, FUN, & EASY activity for your whole family! Submit your family’s video by May 31st.

Hour of Code - This is one resource that has a TON of coding options...all are free! The site is one of my favorites.

Scratch - An online and free resource. Students in grades 3-6 who were here during our coding unit will have an account for login. (You can always email me for account information.) No account...don’t worry! You can always just click on “Create” to code. Just know that your work won’t save. And don’t can always share your work with others. My Scratch username is jenteach123. I would love to see your work!

Stop Motion Animation - We did stop motion in the lab last year. The link I provided is to a great resource that you can view and/or download. can use anything for stop motion: playdough, items around the house, LEGOS, etc. Page 7 tells you which apps to use. We have used the “Stop Motion” app on our school iPads and it’s great. I would LOVE to see your creations!

Typing Pal - All students in grades 2-6 have established accounts. The link I have provided will take you to the CSE “about” page and includes the site link.




Educational Videos on Netflix - This blog outlines some of the educational videos available on Netflix. They offer the suggestion to set-up a separate Netflix profile just for school material. Please remember to review any video before your child views it.

Virtual Field Trips - A teacher friend of mine put together this AWESOME collection of Virtual Field Trips. Gather around your computer or cast, then you can take the trip as a whole family! 

NASA’s Media Library - In wake of the Covid-19 school closures, NASA made their entire media library open to the public. Check out the amazing “out of this world” resources.

Live Web Cams, Virtual Tours & Virtual Field Trips - This is a spreadsheet housing some great places to visit via your device. Take a minute and watch the sea life one of my favorites, the Monterey Bay Aquarium web cams. Tell the rays I said “Hello!”

iRobot - In addition to providing ways to keep your house clean, the folks at iRobot have opened access to their Root Coding app for students.




Camp Invention - We have hosted Camp Invention (sponsored by National Inventors Hall of Fame®) at CSE the last two summers and currently have plans to host again this June. They have provided a great STEM Guide for students and families. In this guide, you will find activities designed, developed and tested by the expert education team. Aligned with education standards for a range of ages and infused with stories from NIHF Inductees, this guide incorporates innovative learnings from 30 years of our PreK-12 STEM programs.

TOILET PAPER!! - This is an AWESOME (and free) resource that will have you building, calculating, and even doing a little art. Be sure to check out all the crazy fun you can have with toilet paper and tp rolls.

77 (More) Simple STEM Activities for Families: English & Spanish - These PDF links will take you to some awesome and creative activities...both low and high tech.

LEGO Master’s Storybook - This is a fun activity inspired by a recent LEGO Master episode.

Imagineering in a Box - This is a free online program that brings together the diverse talents of Disney Imagineers around the world for a one-of-a-kind learning experience and is part of Disney’s commitment to helping today’s youth create the future they imagine.

LEGO Art Stamping - Get your LEGOs, ink and paper. You can create some fun and creative pictures using just your LEGOs.

iRobot - The iRobot folks have also provided some fun “offline” activities.