Mrs. Brunell

Mrs. Brunell's Class

It is such a privilege to teach first grade this year at Clear Sky Elementary! First graders experience a tremendous amount of growth and learning in their school year. It is my sincere belief that each student who enters our classroom has something very special to offer our class community. All children have strengths and abilities unique to them. It is an honor to help my first graders discover and embrace these qualities in themselves and others. 

We are a Project Based Learning School! In first grade, our projects mainly cover our science and social studies and the learning and practice of our 4Cs: communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking. These projects are intended to be engaging and often benefit from parent support and volunteers. This year, your child will be a chef, a researcher, a performer, and a "rock" scientist, just to name a few!  

Thank you for visiting this website. If you are a parent of one of my first grade students, I will provide class information via email. I believe that open communication and working together make a significant difference in your child's school experience. I look forward to working with you! The best way to correspond with me is through email, which I check daily. Please contact me with any inquiries you have or to let me know of anything affecting your child.